Android Game Of The Week: Does Not Commute

Does Not Commute is the latest game from the people behind Smash Hit, known as Mediocre Games. Except, their games are anything but mediocre. Does Not Commute is quite the endearing little game which pieces together micro stories about all the citizens in this fictional town during the 1970's, and all of which have somewhere important to be. Throughout each level you'll get to drive as many different people who all have their own little back story and quirky little secrets, some of which become uncovered as you play. Each driving session lasts little more than a few seconds usually as you try to help people like Mr. Lee reach their destination, (unless you mess up and have to re-do that particular driver) and then you're presented with the next person and their story along with their destination. At first the game seems a little bit weird, but after a few moments of gameplay it actually hooks you in.

Mediocre describes Does Not Commute as a strategic driving game, and that is pretty accurate. When you begin the game is actually quite simple, especially once you get the handle on the controls which are made up of two buttons, the left and right arrows which control the direction of your vehicle. As you progress further and further, the calm drive of the morning commute turns into a hectic madness with other drivers barreling in from out of nowhere. It's your job to dodge the chaos, but it becomes more difficult with each vehicle you drive. You'll need to be strategic and plan out your routes, because how ever you drive with one person is how the computer drives with that exact same person when you've moved onto the next driver, essentially pitting your own driving skills against yourself. It makes for a pretty interesting take on the game.

The game has a timer that starts off with 60 seconds on the clock in the beginning of each level, and as you go through each driver the timer counts down just a little bit, basically the amount of time it takes for you to move one driver to their destination. Should you screw up you can "rewind" although this still shaves off a second each time you use it, so ultimately your goal is to try and get people to where they need to go without losing any precious time. You'll also be able to unlock rewards and level modifiers like the Turbo mod, which basically makes your car drive faster. The game is free to play, there are no ads whatsoever and there are no micro transactions. There is a one-time purchase of the game you can make that unlocks the ability to start from checkpoints, but if you choose to forego this the entire game is available for free. This is the only difference. There is also a near little nostalgic soundtrack that helps to immerse you in the gameplay, and it does this quite well.

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