Android Game Of The Week: Implosion - Never Lose Hope

There were actually quite a few good games that dropped this week, which made the choice all the harder in picking a game to feature. In the end though, Implosion - Never Lose Hope takes the cake. This is a hack and slash game filled with loads of action, gorgeous graphics, and tons of replay value and while hack and slash titles on Android or on mobile in general are hardly a scarce genre, few, if any have really been able to reach the level of value that you'll get out of Implosion. If you're a fan of action titles, Implosion is definitely worth a look, and seeing as how they let you test the game for the first 6 levels before you're met with the choice to pass on it or buy the full game, there's plenty of time to decide whether you like it or not. The game will cost you $9.99 should you decide to keep going, but for the gameplay, the graphics, the story and no IAP past the initial buy for a full game unlock, $10 feels reasonable.

In Implosion, the earth has been invaded by a destructive alien entity known as the Xada, and your character is sent back to earth 20 years after it's fall to fight back and save humanity. You stand your ground in a giant weaponized Mech suit that brandishes a giant sword, and while you have a general slash attack you will end up with the ability to use special attacks through items you can equip to your suit as part of something called the system ARK. Through the ARK you can also equip specific items that give you no additional abilities, but they do alter your stats like attack power, defense, HP, etc. There is also a dodge mechanic built in so you can move out of the way of enemy attacks, and you'll certainly need this plenty throughout the game.

This is a hack and slash game, so while you can go through simply mashing on the attack button in rapid succession, players are rewarded for utilizing timed button taps to execute specialized slash attacks with your sword. You also have a ranged weapon attack and start off with an auto rifle, (which sticks with you through the game) but you will find other ranged weapons like a blast shotgun and rocket launchers from time to time. There are loads of different enemy types, which helps to mix things up, and there are a handful of bosses and mini-bosses throughout the game as well, and a huge main boss at the end of each chapter. There are also multiple badges to earn, usually two or three from each stage, which are used as a sort of currency to receive reward unlocks, and eventually you can unlock the second mech suit which uses a sort of staff instead of a sword for the main weapon. When it comes to buying item upgrades for the system ARK, you';ll come across caches of items and money within each stage, although sometimes they can be hard to spot so watch for anything that is destructable when you attack it. The game will usually alert you when you get close enough to these things. There are also two different difficulties for each stage which adds to the replay value, and there are cutscenes spliced in between certain stages, along with some pretty good voice acting to carry the story.

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