Android Game Of The Week: Electro Rush

Sometimes the simplest games are the best. They're easy to play, yet they can be insanely addictive and provide hours upon hours of gameplay enjoyment. When you pick up Electro Rush this is exactly what you feel. It pays homage to one of the simplest games on the planet, Pong, but amps things up by serving you a helping of the same back and forth action in 3D with a new Tron-like style. Electro Rush doesn't just put the concept of Pong in a 3D environment though. It adds in completely new elements we could have only dreamed of having in Pong growing up, which is part of what makes Electro Rush something worth considering.

In Electro Rush there is a snippet of a backstory to get you started and feel more immersed into the game, a tournament which you'll be entering to dethrone the current champion known as the terrible Arclord who has held the title for eons. Since gameplay is set up in a tournament style you'll go from one contestant to the next as you beat your opponents, each in a new environment which is denoted by the new color of the playing field. As you play you 'll gain points which you can use to purchase upgrades for both your paddle and your ball which will help you as you advance to more challenging levels.

Upgrading your paddle ends up adding on abilities after the first tier, with each subsequent upgrade in any tier leading to a more potent boost to that specific attribute. Just like one would expect, each upgrade will cost a little more so you'll end up having to beat a few more opponents until you have enough. Upgrading your ball is a little bit different. Instead of upgrading your ball with boosted abilities, each ball is a completely new ball from the last that has its own special unique ability attached to it. There's not a lot of complexity with Electro Rush, and gamers should find that extremely appealing as it feels easy to pick up and play. It's also free and there are no IAP's whatsoever, there are ads though which will let you do a replay from the level you lose on if you view them. You can also choose to skip the ads and just start over, which is nice because this detail gives the choice to the gamers. Instead of making ad viewing mandatory, they give gamers an incentive to view them. If you're looking for  simple yet challenging game to fill your time, consider Electro Rush.

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