Android Game Of The Week: Blood Bowl

April 30, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

The Warhammer franchise has been around a long time stretching across board games and video games on both the desktop and console platforms, and over the last couple of years some of the Warhammer titles have made their way over to mobile, including some new titles built and designed for mobile from the ground up. Blood Bowl falls somewhat in the middle, coming in as a mobile adaption of the board game version but with some new elements for tablets. If you enjoy games out of the Warhammer series and are a fan of sports or Football in general, it might be worth checking out a game that mixes these two things together.

Like many sports games you’ll get to build your roster for your team, but instead of picking and choosing from a lineup of actual sports players, you canvas the selection of characters from a pot of eight races that can be found in other Warhammer games, which means orcs and of course humans, (the main two races in the Warhammer universe)but you can also choose from dwarves and other races as well. Humans and orcs are available and included in the game’s initial purchase, however if you want to choose from any of the other six races which includes dwarves, skaven, wood elves, chaos, lizard men, and dark elves, you’ll need to fork up some cash through in-app-purchases.

What makes Blood Bowl such a unique and intriguing game is the fact that it blends together the tactical combat and strategic thinking of Warhammer’s strategy-based games, fusing parts of turn-based combat with bloody mayhem and action as well as the gameplay of American Football. Naturally there is a single player mode to go through which features a full campaign, but you can also test your skills against other Blood Bowl players online. Blood Bowl’s multiplayer mode is also cross-platform, so whether you’re on an Android or iOS tablet you can see how you stack up against others. Multiplayer can also be played locally on a tablet if you gather to play games with your friends in person. The strategic gameplay is great for those who enjoy planning and plotting their next move with carefully, decided thought, but the visuals are also quite nice which makes for an overall enjoyable gaming experience. As of right now Blood Bowl is also 80% off and costs just $0.99 so if you’re interested pick it up at a discount while you can.