Android Game Of The Week: Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills is a great little action game that is small in file size but big in fun. A face value it looks like Dragon Hills is all about riding on the back of a dragon as a princess in search of seeking vengeance, and that is a large part of the gameplay, but there are loads of other elements to consider that make this a fun little title to pass the time that won't cost you anything to play, and free games are always nice especially when they give the gamer enjoyment.

While Dragon Hills doesn't seem to bombard you with requests to upgrade items or purchase in game cash using your own hard-earned real-world currency, it does employ an ad system that seems to pop up ads randomly prior to and after game sessions, which is about its only downfall. Other than that one minor detail it's loads of fun. Controls are simple as this plays out somewhat like an endless runner. Movement is automatic and all you have to do is control when the dragon dives beneath the surface and when he leaps out into the sky to maneuver above ground again, which is handled by long pressing on the screen to make him dive and letting go to make him leap back above ground.

The goal is to see how far you can go in the game before your dragon meets his untimely demise whether at the hand of the knights you're chasing, random pockets of what appear to be lava beneath the surface, or by traps laid out on the ground. Smashing into things seems to give you points although certain structures will slow you down, and this can be bad for you as speed helps to ensure you can leap over anything damaging to you quick enough. Most of the terrain is destructible which is kind of a nice element, and while mowing down regular enemies is fun, the boss fights make things a little more challenging which helps to keep the game from getting stale. There is also a leveling system in place, so the farther you go and the more points you obtain, you'll also level up from experience and get gold so you can upgrade your items and weapons, as well as have access to awesome power-ups that can help you become even more powerful.

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