Android Game News Weekly April 3rd: Zen Pinball HD, Mevius Final Fantasy, Bridge Constructor, Dragon Blaze, Hearthstone And More!


Zen Pinball HD Is Getting A Star Wars Rebels Table SoonSW_Rebels_Key_Art_SMALL

Zen Studios is due to add yet another table to their lineup of pinball tables, this time it's in a galaxy far, far away. Star War Rebels will be joining the already massive lineup of tables for pinball fans, so you can get your fix without having to trek down to the local arcade.

Bridge Constructor Celebrates Easter With New Themed LevelsBridge Constructor

If you've been playing Bridge Constructor, you may have noticed a friendly new update that came out this week which brings in  new easter themed levels. The update itself with the new levels is no cost, however, the original game is $1.99. If you're celebratory, have at it!Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Square Enix Details The Battle System For Mevius Final FantasyMevius Final Fantasy

Mevius Final Fantasy is an upcoming all new RPG in the Final Fantasy universe from Square Enix, and while we've already seen some screenshots and artwork for the game as well as a teaser video, they've dropped some new images detailing the battle system as well as a few new pieces of artwork. Check them out!


Hearthstone Launches First Wing Of Blackrock Mountain XpacHearthstone

Blizzard has finally released the first wing of the new expansion for the popular card battle game Hearthsone, based on the Blackrock Mountain raid from World of Warcraft. There will be multiple wings included (five total) along with new cards to add to your deck. Each wing will cost you $6.99 or all five can be purchased for $24.99.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Gamevil Is Preparing To Launch Dragon Blaze On May 11thIpSGcoB

Gamevil will be launching a new RPG title next month on May 11th called Dragon Blaze, a game packed full of action and quests, real-time boss raids, PvP elements via the battle arena, and a great little storyline to follow for the single player mode.


Disney Brings A Remastered Version Of Duck Tales To AndroidScreenshot (1509)

If you grew up in the 80's and 90's you probably remember Duck Tales. The animated cartoon was wildly popular and like many cartoons it even got its own video game. Disney has now remastered that game and launched it on Android this week. Embark on crazy adventures as Scrooge McDuck and take on epic bosses, explore amazing places and of course, dive onto your massive vault of gold coins.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


Sony Acquires OnLive And Will Shut Down The Service April 30thOnLive

OnLive, a game streaming service that had previously shut down once before and then came back to life, has now been acquired by Sony and will be once again shut down on April 30th. Sony will likely be rolling OnLive services and technology into their new Playstation Now services available across all their Playstation platforms.