Android Epic App Battle: Runtastic V.S. RunKeeper


Running isn't always easy, especially if you need a little motivation. There are more than a few apps to help you get this done, but today's battle is about two of the more popular apps out there in this particular category. Runtastic and RunKeeper. Both have useful features and are enjoyed by millions of people, but which one suits you best? We'll go over a few features of each and let you decide.


Runtastic is a great little run tracker with loads of features, and no matter how you run, there is sure to be something about Runtastic that comes in handy. If you're a creature of habit like many of us, you might like to run the same routes, maybe you just like the scenery. Whatever the case, Runtastic will map your workouts in real-time with GPS, and then also monitor your exercise progress. It also provides you with a personal workout diary, so if you like to jot down your goals and successes before or after each session, Runtastic can make it pretty easy.


If you take your workouts seriously, then you might love the autopause feature that automatically stops tracking when you stop moving, ensuring you get as accurate results as possible. If you need audio motivation, Runtastic also provides you with a voice coach to keep you going, and the customizable dashboard makes it simple to make things look just the way you like them, giving the app on your device a personal touch.


RunKeeper is all about tracking your runs and walks, and it does a great job with a handful of features that many people will likely find useful and fun. The app isn't just dedicated to running though, as it calculates running pace as well as cycling speed, route distance and even elevation and how many calories you burn while exercising. For those who have a connected smartwatch like the Pebble or something running Android Wear, RunKeeper interacts with those devices so you can see your stats on your wrist.

If you like doing things yourself, you can completely customize and create your own workout plans with an audio coach inside of the app, or you can follow along with one of the already created training plan workouts within the application. If you like music while you run, RunKeeper integrates with your phones music application so songs play effortlessly. RunKeeper also integrates with plenty of other popular fitness applications so you can aggregate the data within one place and see everything at a glance.


So there you have it, two running apps focused on providing users with a great fitness experience with loads of features. Both offer similar functionality as well and both have a free version of the app, although they're paid options do have more features. Which is better suited to how you run and/or exercise?

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