Android Epic App Battle: Afterlight VS Photo Editor by Lidow

With the technology placed inside of smartphone cameras these days, we're able to take some amazing pictures that look great just left alone. Plenty of people love to give their photos that little extra touch though and personalize things to make them truly unique. There are loads of apps on the Play Store capable of providing you with some photo editing tools, and in this week's app battle we're focusing on Afterlight and Photo Editor by Lidow. Both have some pretty cool effects that can be added to your pics, but which one suits your tastes better? We'll go over a few features of each and let you decide.


If it's filters you're looking for, Afterlight has plenty of them to jazz up your photos. It boasts a wide selection of 59 total filters to add some extra flair to your images including some that are community additions. On top of the filters, there are 66 different textures that can be added as well, and the intensity of each picture tweak is easily adjustable with the slider bar down at the bottom of the display, making Afterlight pretty user-friendly.

To round things out Afterlight offers a range of different cropping and transformation tools, so if that perfect picture is not actually quite so perfect, you can make it just so by tweaking things just a little more and cropping out potentially unwanted parts of the image. If you like adding frames around your pictures, there are plenty of those too. The design is pretty minimalist which should help from drawing your attention away from the goal, which is to edit your photos to make them absolute best they can be. The Afterlight team also boasts that the app is pretty snappy, which suggests that using it is quick and fluid so you can edit your photos fast and get back to what you're doing.

Photo Editor by Lidow

Photo Editor by Lidow much like Afterlight and many other applications in the photography category gives you loads of filters and effects to add to your images, like lens flare, blur, color splash, before and after, vintage, light leak, and even simple effects like black and white. You'll also find the ability to crop images using 1:1, 4:3 and the golden ratio aspect ratios.

Just like with Afterlight, there are a number of different textures to add to your pics, and other tweaks like contrast, saturation and sharpness can help you get the image looking just the way you want it. Once you're done editing you can save the image to your phone or SD card, but Photo Editor also easily allows you to share the pictures with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and more all from within the app.

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