Android App Updates – April 3rd, 2015: Venmo, Google News & Weather, Skype and More!


Microsoft adds new address book and calendar features to Outlook

This week, Microsoft decided it was time to update their Outlook app on Android. And they brought in some new address book and calendar features to the app.

"Select allâ€"You can now "select all" to perform bulk operations on messages in a folder (available on iOS, coming soon to Android). Undo of bulk actionsâ€"Undo now works on bulk operations like delete and archive. Empty trash/deleted items foldersâ€"You can now permanently delete items from your deleted items folder. Localizationâ€"Improvements to localization across our 30 languages. Accessibilityâ€"Improvements on the message list and compose screen."


Venmo finally adds two-factor authentication

Screenshot 2015-04-03 09.08.41

Took them long enough, but popular mobile payments app Venmo has finally brought two-factor authentication for both its iOS and Android apps in the latest update. Venmo says that going forward this feature will automatically be enabled for everyone. Which is a good thing as it makes it a much more secure app, considering it's a mobile payment app, that security is important.

Google Updates News & Weather App….AGAIN



We were all caught off guard earlier this year when Google updated their News & Weather app for the first time in years. They gave it the material design treatment and it looks really nice. Now they've updated it again. This time bringing stories that are "suggested for you". So you'll be getting articles that suggested for you based on your browsing habits.

Skype makes Emojis bigger and brings support for Android Auto

AH Skype 1.0

In the latest update, Skype has changed chats so they no longer auto-scroll to the latest message. You can also view and change avatars for all of your group chats. And there's even some Android Auto support. Which is a pretty nice thing to have for those that have Android Auto.


Vine bringing "HD" Video to Android Soon

This week, Twitter-owned Vine announced that it is bringing 720p HD content to the app. However it's only available on iOS right now. Big surprise right? It is coming to Android "Soon" though. It'll be great to see some HD quality videos on Vine though, as the lower resolution was better for data usage, but it hurt to look at sometimes.