Android App Updates for April 10th, 2015: Aviary, Talon, Roku and More!


Aviary Photo Editor gets an Update

One of the more popular photo editors out there, Aviary, just got a nice update to version 4.0.2. The update brings Material Design to the app, and it looks amazing. Along with the visual refresh, we also have some bug fixes and stability improvements, which we normally see with app updates.

Talon for Twitter Adds new Embedded Retweet



Earlier this week, Twitter announced their new way of doing Retweets. Basically the tweet gets embedded in your tweet. This gives you a whole lot of extra space to leave your comment. Now, Talon a third party Twitter app has integrated that feature before the Official Twitter client for Android. Pretty sad right?

The Roku App for Android Also Gets updated

Screenshot 2015-04-09 19.19.42

In addition to the new features for Roku and updated products. They also updated their Android app and added two key features. One of those is the voice search, and another is the "Movies Coming Soon" feed. So you can see what will be available soon on Roku. Two pretty nice features to have.


Snapchat update Trades Best Friends for Emojis


One of Snapchats popular features was showing your best friends. Basically the people that you Snapchat the most. Now they've done away with that and added emojis. Because well, who doesn't love them some emojis?

Instagram Adds Fade and Color Controls for Android app

Screenshot 2015-04-09 19.23.28


This week, Instagram updated their Android App. It now has some new fade and color controls as well as post notification settings. So you can choose to turn on or off post notifications. If you're a popular person, it's a good idea to turn them off. The new color and fade options are pretty cool too, makes it so you don't really need a filter on your pictures now.

Evernote 7 Lands on Android Tablets


Finally, the newest version of Evernote is available for Android Tablets. Back in February the company updated their Android app to feature material design and now they've updated the app to support Android tablets as well. So you can get that material goodness on your Android tablet too now.