Android App Updates – Apr 17th, 2015: Twitter, Tinder, TWC TV, and More!


Twitter's New Quote-Retweet Finally Available on Android

A few weeks ago, Twitter unveiled it's new Quote-Retweet feature and had it available on the Web and iOS. This week they brought the feature over to Android, finally. So now when you Retweet something and want to add a comment, you have up to 110 characters to do so. Pretty sweet.

Tinder Integrates with Instagram



This week a Tinder update brought in integration with Instagram. So now your Instagram photos are integrated with Tinder. Not a huge deal, but it means you'll have more pictures on Tinder without really doing anything extra.

Google My Business 2.0 Now Available


Google My Business 2.0 hit the Play Store, of course it's in a slow rollout phase so you'll have to be patient in waiting for it. The update brings a fresh material design to the app, which was sorely needed. It looks fantastic, especially on a tablet. Have a look over on Google Play.


TWC TV App Updated to work on the Galaxy S6


One of the issues with the newly launched Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge has been the fact that the TWC TV App would just crash on the device when you open it up. Well this week, Time Warner updated their app, so it no longer crashes on either of Samsung's new flagship devices, and in fact you can watch TV on them. Pretty awesome.

BitTorrent for Android gets a new Music Player



BitTorrent now has a sleek new music player inside the app. It actually looks really nice, and works really well as well. BitTorrent also says that they improved the stability of the app and performance. Which should result in faster downloads – given that your network allows it, obviously.

Field Trip Updated to support Android Wear


One of our favorite apps for anyone that travels is Field Trip. It'll show you whats nearby, like photo spots, museums, etc. It's by the same developers behind Ingress, which has been a huge success. Now they've added support to the Field Trip app for Android Wear. So you can get notifications from the app on your wrist. Pretty sweet, right?