Android 5.0 Finally Rolling out to the Galaxy Note 4 on T-Mobile

April 27, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

On Friday, we had heard from T-Mobile that they had received technical approval for the Galaxy Note 4‘s Lollipop update and that the OTA would begin rolling out this week. Well T-Mobile didn’t waste anytime here. Early this morning they flipped the switch and started rolling out the update. The update will bring your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 up to Android 5.0.1 and does so with a 1086MB update. Which means it’s going to take a while to download. So make sure you’re on WiFi, or your data stash might be getting used.

The Lollipop update does change Touchwiz a bit, and makes it a bit more refined. I’ve been using a Verizon Galaxy Note 4 on Lollipop for the past few weeks, and does definitely seem a bit different on Lollipop. And that’s in a good way. It’s much speedier, and the UI is even more refined. While you aren’t getting the same Touchwiz that’s on the Galaxy S6, it’s pretty darn close. Along with Lollipop, you’ll be getting some other neat features like Smart Lock, Lollipop’s new notifications and quick settings, as well a all kinds of performance enhancements that are under-the-hood in Lollipop and so much more. It’s a really great update for the Galaxy Note 4.

You can head into Settings > About Phone > System Updates and tap on Check for Updates to try and pull down your update. If that fails for you, and you are impatient on waiting for the update to hit your device. You can always use Samsung’s Kies software on your PC to update your Galaxy Note 4 manually. While many of us wouldn’t suggest it, as it’s not the best piece of software out there, it does work. And if you really want Lollipop that bad, you can do so using Kies. Otherwise, just hang on a few days and you should have your Android 5.0.1 update on your Galaxy Note 4 in no time.

So far T-Mobile hasn’t updated their support pages for the Galaxy Note 4, so we don’t have a complete change log just yet. But you can guarantee that there are plenty of bug fixes and performance enhancements in this one.