Amazon Update Prime Instant Video App Allowing For Playback On Android Tablets


For anyone who downloads android apps often, they will know that there are two big app stores which attract most of the attention, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Generally speaking, most android apps appear in both. That said, as much as they are alike, they are rather mutually exclusive. For instance, quite often licences between the two cannot be used to update from the other. A good example of this was reported last week, with the update which saw Plex become compatible with Android TV, although, not for Plex accounts purchased via Amazon. Therefore those who had already purchased the service from Amazon, would effectively have to purchase the licence again from the Play Store just to use Plex on their Android TV device.

Likewise, Amazon does not seem so keen on allowing android users to be able to watch their paid streaming service, Prime Instant Video on their android devices. As such, Amazon have taken quite a long time in making their Prime Instant Video App become compatible with android devices. The first signs of compatibility did land back in September of last year. Although, even then the level of compatibility was limited and largely aimed towards smartphones. With little support for tablets. Which incidently, happens to be a more suitable video watching and video compatible device.


Well, that does now looked to have changed a little. The Prime Instant Video has now received an update which sees its compatibility with tablets become far more available. That said, the compatibility is only half in effect at the moment. It seems you can currently watch the content on your tablet. However, the content still had to be first initiated using the device's browser. Once selected and playback activated, the Prime Instant Video will take over and allow watching on the tablet through the app. Of course, if you have yet to download the Prime Instant Video, then this still has to be downloaded from Amazon, as the app still does not appear on the Play Store. If you want to grab a copy then hit the source link below to head over to the Amazon Appstore Prime Instant Video listing.

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