All Six Star Wars Films are Now Available on Google Play and Amazon, Digitally

Star Wars Digital

You might have heard about this, but the Star Wars series of films is going digital, for the first time ever you can now own and download all six films no matter which device you’re using. There’s no need for Blu-Ray discs here, you can purchase it on Amazon, Google Play and even iTunes if you’re so inclined. Available in Full HD, this is perhaps the best look we’re going to get at the Star Wars films, until of course the ultra, super brilliant 4K remaster comes out in 2017 (mark your calendars, folks). Oh, and fans of the old ways will be happy to note that George Lucas hasn’t touch a damn thing this time around, although the changes he made in the Blu-Ray edition are still here.

This is a big year for Star Wars fans, after the purchase of Lucas Film by Disney, the next installment of the series, The Force Awakens, is set to hit theaters this Holiday season. Naturally, this would be a good time to re-re-release the Star Wars films in a modern way, allowing fans of the franchise to experience the films however the hell they want; using whichever device they want. The films cost $19.99 each, or you can purchase the whole lot for $89.99, which doesn’t exactly make these cheap, but then again when was a Star Wars film ever cheap? For fans looking to re-watch the whole saga – including that Prequel Trilogy which some of us actually enjoyed – this is a nice option and you can watch them using a Chromecast, an Amazon Fire TV or your tablet late at night after you’ve finally finished your latest binge on Netflix.

There’s a slew of bonus content on offer here, and the emphasis is on bonus, rather than changed. Unlike previous re-releases, such as the DVD release and the Blu-Ray release, these haven’t been tampered with, since the last time. The movies are available from Amazon and Google Play and it does work out cheaper to purchase them all at once, or at least it is in the US. Each film in the UK’s Play Store is £9.99, or £60 each which gives you little to no saving, sorry UK readers.