Airbnb Launches Its Biggest Ad Campaign To Date, Focuses On Hosts Hospitality

Airbnb is an online community marketplace in which people willing to offer a space in their home for rent, can connect with people looking for a place to stay. Whether it is just one night to grab some rest, a week for vacations, or a whole month living abroad, Airbnb (One of the top 10 travel apps for Android) offers a wide range of price options and many different travel experiences in over 34,000 cities across 190 countries worldwide. Today, the ever-growing online community has released a new advertising campaign, which focuses on the first few awkward moments guests experience when arriving to the house they will be staying in, the new ad also subtly explains how this awkward bit will quickly change into a warm and welcoming experience. This new advertising campaign is the biggest Airbnb has ever released since 2008, the year Airbnb was founded.

The add, titled "Never a Stranger", features a woman named Ellie who relates the feelings she had when staying over at several homes of Airbnb users. Ellie tells how at first she was hesitant of staying in a stranger's home after her friends questioned her. Then Airbnb user, Ellie, begins to recite a "Thank you" note -a real thank you note, by the way- in which she expresses how grateful she is towards her host for making the experience of living in someone else's home, a remarkable one; She tells how the neighborhood she stayed in was overly friendly and that the host's home is perfect and peaceful. Airbnb focused on showing that staying at a stranger's home is a really pleasant experience in which guests can feel almost a family-like bond with the host's friends and own family. The locations shown in the add include houses around Paris, Tokyo, Rio, New York, and Tulum (Located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico).

Chief Marketing Officer at Airbnb, Jonathan Mildenhall, stated in an interview with USA Today that the ad is completely based on true reactions from Airbnb users, which in numerous times have sent thank you notes. Mildenhall also noted that the main reason for this new advertising campaign is that their online marketplace service isn't known by most people, and with the new ad campaign, the company will be trying to raise awareness of its services.

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