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There has not been a lot of custom news this week, although the news that has come through has been quite big. To start today's news, there is a bit of a PSA which needs to be made. It is no secret (and not exactly news) that wakelocks plague custom ROMs. If you have installed an ROM at any point and noticed that your device keeps draining the battery fast since the installation, then chances are it is a wakelock causing it. In fact, chances are it is the Google Play Services 7.x SystemUpdateService wakelock causing it.

Android 5.X Wakelock Issues

Avast Battery AH


Google Play Services 7.x SystemUpdateService is designed to hear and react to OTA requests and signals. However, as custom installed ROMs do not use OTA updates in the normal carrier manner, the SystemUpdateService does nothing except unnecessarily drain the battery. The problem has become more of an issue on Android 5.X ROMs as Lollipop includes an additional wakelock checker which does not turn off unless it receives a signal from the SystemUpdateService, which it never does. Therefore, the bug has been hitting the news far more this week.

Well, if you are running any of the Cyanogen ROMs then your fix is on the way. If you are running CM 12 then you can see the fix here. Likewise, if you are running the CM 12 nightlies, then you can see the fix here. For Cyanogen OS 12 users experiencing the problem, the official patch is reported to be coming next way. Google is known to be working on a more widespread patch which will work across ROMs although, there is no ETA on when it will arrive. If you want to know more about the issue, bug or the fixes then click the link below for more in-depth details.

Wakelock Additional Info


Cyanogen OS 12

Cyanogen OS 12 AH 2

Elsewhere, the big news of this week was the final release of Cyanogen OS 12 which began rolling out early this week. After much waiting, owners of the OnePlus One were finally able to update their pre-installed commercial Cyanogen OS up to Lollipop. The update was coming as an OTA to those running stock, although the download was made available within hours of being released and you can find instructions on how to install the update over any ROM (including OxygenOS) by clicking the link below.

How to install Cyanogen OS 12


Following on, from the news of Cyanogen OS 12 rolling out to the OnePlus One, the news came much later in the week that Cyanogen OS 12 has also now started rolling out to YU's Yureka too. Once again, this is an over-the-air update being pushed out.

Remix OS

remix ultra tablet

If you have heard about the Remix Ultra Tablet (shown in the image above) then you will already be familiar with the operating system which runs on the tablet, Remix OS. This is a custom variant of android which allows for additional features like multi-app tasking and viewing. Well, it seems the makers are planning to make the OS work on devices other than their tablet. In fact, the Kickstarter listing is now offering owners of Nexus 9s and 10s the option to back $1 and receive a flashable version of Remix OS. Of course, if you own any android device, you are welcome to try and install the OS, however, the company clearly state that they are only offering support for the Nexus 9 and 10. If you are interested, the Kickstarter page is listed to run for another six days and the listed delivery of the OS (based on the listing) is May. Click the link below to find out more about the $1 option or click here to find out more about Remix OS in general.


Remix OS on Kickstarter

MultiROM for Nexus 6


Last up is the popular MultiROM. Most custom users and fans will know all about MultiROM as it is a great tool that offers device owners a safer way to explore multiple ROMs in an easy way. MultiROM offers the option to install pretty much any ROM and the ability to flick between ROMs as often as you like. While also offering the ability to backup as well. Well, if you own a Nexus 6 then it looks like official support is now available for your device. Those Nexus 6 owners living on the edge will know that MultiROM has been available for awhile, however, this is now officially supported so should run a lot smoother and better for Nexus 6 owners. Click the link below to find out more.


Nexus 6 MultiROM

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