Acer's 13.3-inch C810 Chromebook has Leaked, Likely for Education Customers

Acer Chromebook 13 Review AH 12

With Chromebooks, Google has really made a big push at the education scene. They’ve also been pushing with Android and the Google Play Store lately. We’ve seen quite a few Lenovo and Dell Chromebooks available for their educational customers only. And it looks like we have another one from Acer heading that way. According to +Brent Sullivan on Google+, it appears that this new Acer Chromebook is similar to the already released Chromebook 13 from Acer. The specs he lists include an NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. He also states that there are two models. One has a 720p display and will likely retail at $279, and the 1080p display will retail at $329.99. Sullivan also states that there are one or two retailers already taking pre-orders but doesn’t mention which two those are.

Acer has done pretty well with Chromebooks, obviously, since they keep releasing more and more of them. In fact, the Chromebook 15 they just released a few months ago, I have in hand and it works flawlessly. I actually think the Chromebook 15 would make a better Chromebook for education customers than the Chromebook 13. One for the size of the display, and two for the processor. The Chromebook 13 is running a mobile chip, basically. While there’s nothing really wrong with that, you won’t get the same performance as with one of Intel’s chips, additionally, Chrome OS isn’t fully optimized for ARM-based chips just yet. With the Chromebook 15, you also have those amazing speakers on either side of the keyboard, and I doubt you’ll get that on the Chromebook 13, as there’s not that much space available.

There’s a ton of great Chromebooks on the market that are targeted at education. Including the new Dell Chromebook 11, which is pretty similar to the old one, but is much more rugged. Seeing as Dell is selling these to teachers and schools for kids to use, that’s a pretty big feature. I hope that Acer does decide to go rugged with this Chromebook 13. So far we don’t have any pictures of this Chromebook 13 C810 just yet, so we can’t really tell.