A New Feature Called "Collections" May Be Coming To Your Google + Feed In The Future

google plus collections11

Google+ has had loads of changes over the years and although there are still some things that users would like to see implemented, like the ability to post stuff to multiple related sections in a single swoop, most would probably agree that overall it has evolved into a pretty great social network with lovable functionality. That said, there are still likely some changes to Google+ down the line, and it appears that there will be a new feature coming sometime in the future that’s called Collections. At least this is what it seems to be called right now while it’s being tested, however there is always a chance Google could change things up and decide to give it a different name. Based on what we’ve gathered from Droid Life though, the service may very well remain under the name Collections when and if it is rolled out to the public.

So what is Collections? According to the limited information that is currently floating out there, it will be a new way for people to post stuff to Google Plus. Photos, videos, links to webpages and articles, they will all seemingly be able to be posted to the Collections stream or feed of Google+ and as more posts are added, the categories that those collections are posted into will grow. The end goal is to give people a way to access groups of content they’re interested in right in their stream, and give users a way to post their own things into collections categories for others to find.

The Collections posts could basically be about anything, so if you post collections about a recipe for your favorite chicken Parmesan and then the next time you throw up a Collections post about DIY jean alterations, these posts will presumably be filtered into their relative groups where people will be able to easily find them by following that particular group or interest. The way it appears now Collections allows you to see your own collections of stuff or featured collections from other users. There will also be a button or link for creating new collections and you’ll be able to view collections from people in your circles. How Google will choose the featured collections is unclear. In a way, Collections sounds kind of like a digital scrapbook. For the moment there are no details on a public roll out for Collections or what it will include, but if it is being tested with a smaller, closed group of people at the moment then perhaps we’ll see it sometime before Google’s annual developers conference, or, maybe they’ll touch base on it there.