A New Desktop YouTube Video Player Appears To Be Rolling Out For Some Users

YouTube is something that a countless number of people around the world use on a daily basis, simply because almost every video you can think of lives there. Despite this, when Google updated almost all of their apps to Material Design, YouTube for the desktop felt left out. The Material Design wave left the desktop YouTube video player looking and feeling outdated. Thankfully, it looks like Google had something up their sleeve after all because a substantial update to YouTube for the desktop seems to be hitting a handful of users. The updated YouTube video player, which you can take a look at below, really makes it look much more in line with Google's current design language. The control bar that sits at the bottom of your YouTube videos is now transparent as opposed to black like it was before. Control buttons that reside on the control bar, such as play and volume, have been slightly redesigned and look much more like Material Design buttons.

Appearance isn't the only thing this new video player brought with it. Now, when watching a video, the control bar will disappear after a few seconds giving you a full-screen video. Similarly to how the YouTube app on Android works. There is also a newly added "watch later" button that has been added, which allows users to save videos to a list and watch them later on. Don't worry if you rush over to YouTube and see that you don't have this pretty, new YouTube video player. The updated video player has just begun its rollout and may not even be a final design to begin with. It may just be something that Google is testing with a small groups of users for feedback. But, if you really want to try the new YouTube video player that bad, here's how.

First off, you will need to make sure that you are using Chrome in order for this method to work correctly. Then, download the Chrome extension EditThisCookie, which you can download by clicking here. Once that is installed you need to visit YouTube and then open the extension. Then change the value for the cookie VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE to Q06SngRDTGA. Once that is done you should have access to the new video player. Note that this method does not seem to be working for all users, but for some it does so you might as well give it a try.

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