YouTube Announces ‘YouTube For Artists’ Initiative To Help Musicians Build A Career

March 16, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Earlier this morning YouTube announced the arrival of a new format for video and content creators to engage with their viewers during their videos, called cards, which is set to replace annotations sometime in the future. YouTube also recently launched the compatibility for 360-degree video uploads giving creators a whole new way to engage viewers, and now YouTube is focusing on giving YouTube musical artists a new set of tools to “make the most out of YouTube.” YouTube is calling this new set of tools “YouTube For Arists,” and is an initiative to help artists do what they love. YouTube is a great platform for creativity and passion, and just as video creators have long been feeding their legions of viewers the content they want to see, YouTube For Artists will help aspiring online musicians to take things to the next step.

The new website is being launched today as a way for artists to use YouTube to help launch their careers, with the ability to connect with fans and use YouTube’s offering of promotional programs to help artists potentially get discovered. This includes YouTube’s all new music insight tool which allows artists to base their plans for upcoming tours around where their largest following of fans are. This analytical approach makes it easy for artists to work towards growing their musical fan base, while also engaging the fans they already have. YouTube lists this feature as coming soon so it isn’t quite available just yet, but it will be a powerful tool for online musicians to look forward to.

At its core, YouTube For Artists seems centered around making it ever more possible to reach people who love specific types of music, in an attempt to open doors and expand the possibilities for artists. The tools will help artists to understand the way YouTube works on an algorithmic level so they can better engage fans of their music while also giving them ways to keep fans engaged and watching the music videos they upload. YouTube isn’t stopping at just providing artists with the tools to build a career and succeed though, they’re also setting up ways to help promote the channels and videos from the fastest growing artists on YouTube. Now more than ever before, musicians have all the tools they need to share their art with the world and a platform to deliver it to potentially millions of fans.