YouTube Announces New 'Cards' For Video Creators To Replace Annotations

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YouTube is giving content creators more tools to work with recently. Just last week they announced the arrival of 360-degree video support for content creators, which will bring a whole new level of interaction for viewers being able to see every angle from which a video was shot, thanks to the special 360-degree cameras that are now compatible with YouTube. Now YouTube is giving creators another new way to engage with their viewers by replacing annotations inside of videos with a cards interface, allowing content creators to put more information and meaningful engagement in the video through those cards.


YouTube states that video creators had been requesting a more flexible delivery system for the information shared through annotations and with today's announcement of cards, creators will now have this capability. Cards is described as the evolutionary status of annotations, which will be available across web and mobile devices so viewers will be able to see and interact with cards from both the YouTube website (desktop and mobile) and from the mobile applications. With cards, creators can insert information about other videos, playlists, website links and other content, which are all broken up into separate types of cards depending on what the creator is trying to achieve.

There are currently six different types of cards which creators can insert into their videos, including cards for merchandise, fundraising, video, playlist, associated website, and fan funding. YouTube states that the cards format is live as of now and that content creators have access to them immediately, which can be found inside of a brand new cards tab in the video editor. As stated above, the idea is to eventually replace annotations with the cards format, but YouTube will be doing this at staggered pace to make sure they only completely replace annotations once cards is capable of handling every task annotations does currently. Creators are encouraged to give cards a shot and test things, as well as give feedback to the YouTube Creators team on what they might like to see brought to the cards format down the road.


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