Yezz Project Ara Modules on Display at MWC 2015, Shows Us the Future

yezz project ara

Project Ara has been a long time coming now, with Google’s announcement nearly 2 years ago to actual products finally now just coming to fruition.  Among the manufacturers that have announced modules being made for Ara is a smaller company you may never have heard of: Yezz.  Yezz specializes in making unique products that don’t necessarily follow what the bigger manufacturers do; partnerships like phones powered by Firefox OS among others.  We’ve seen larger companies like Toshiba announce partnerships and modules for Project Ara but this is the first time we’ll get to take a look at what Yezz has been working on.

Above you’ll see a render of what a Project Ara phone using Yezz’s modules might look like.  With a project Ara phone you purchase the base unit for around $50 and built the rest of the phone to your specifications using easily swapped out components.  These components attach via a magnetic system that locks the modules in place and ensures that brand new CPU module won’t just fall of of your phone while you’re using it.  This sort of modular technology makes it so that you can prioritize what you want or need in a phone, not what a manufacturer deems is the next big thing.

Yezz is working on a number of modules for the Ara ecosystem including cameras, batteries, storage components and more.  According to the mock-up they’ve made you should be able to get everything needed to power a fully functioning Project Ara phone that not only has the components you want but also fits your style.  Google’s Project Ara pilot program starts in Puerto Rico this year, and as such they’ve paid homage to the country in obvious ways by just looking at the phone they’ve provided here.  Take a look at their site below and see a short video of what Yezz is doing with Ara, including some more information about the specifics on how a Project Ara phone works.  We’ll be visiting Yezz’s booth at Mobile World Congress 2015 over the next few days and will be able to provide a hands-on for you very soon, so stay tuned!