Xposed Module Offers A Solution To Memory Leak Issue On Rooted AOSP Android 5.0 Devices


Android 5.0 (Lollipop) has been one of the biggest talking points and headlines over the past few months within the android world. This is not too surprising when you factor that this is one of the biggest changes to the android operating in a long time. The update to Lollipop sees a massive redesign in the aesthetics of the operating system, the inclusion of newer feature and also a number of enhanced security options. That said, one feature which has seemed to be plaguing a number of Lollipop running devices is what has become known as the 'memory leak' bug.

For those who have not updated to Lollipop or encountered the issue yet, then it is an issue in where the memory of the device fills up and is unable to clear itself again. This has reported results in random app crashes and the inability to re-open an app again, due to the memory fill. Well, Google has been on the issue for some time with the issue noted on the issue tracker. Not to mention, manufacturers and developers trying to roll out their own fixes. In fact, in spite of the release of Android 5.1 quite recently, it still seems the issue persists. This is also in spite of it being reported Google does have a fix for the issue which had yet to be released.


Well, if you are still experiencing the issue, running stock android, on 5.0-5.0.2 and are rooted then a fix may be available to you. This is a fix not brought to you by Google but instead by the clever folks over at XDA. A MOD has been created that reportedly fixes the memory leak issue. However, this is a Xposed MOD which means that those running Android 5.1 cannot currently use the fix, due to the lack of a compatible Android 5.1 Xposed. So, to get the fix working you will need to downgrade from Android 5.1, be rooted and have Xposed on your device. Not to mention that the fix is intended for AOSP versions of Lollipop and not skinned versions offered by manufacturers. If you want to know more then click the source link below to head over to the XDA listing.

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