Xiaomi's Electric Car Emerges In China; Company's CEO Claims It Won't Be Available Anytime Soon

Xiaomis electric car leak

Xiaomi is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China, and third worldwide, but this company isn’t only a smartphone manufacturing company. As you already know by now, Xiaomi also makes smart TVs, tablets, wearables, all sorts of other smart gadgets and they’re also developing their own Android-based OS, MIUI. Xiaomi has a big appetite though, they’re constantly expanding their presence in the market and the range of projects they’re working on. Back in December, a report arrived stating that the company is working on a mini car codenamed “Mistla” that could cost 39,999 Yuan ($6389). This news seemed fishy and kind of unreal.

Company’s CEO, Lei Jun, did say quite recently that the company won’t release an electric car in the next 3 to 5 years, but an interesting image appeared in China though. As you can see, this is a car which has a Xiaomi logo on the back (well, half of Xiaomi’s logo acutally), and it also has a “Lei Jun electric” writing on the back. This seems to be a rather small vehicle, and it seems quite ordinary from the outside. Now, there are several possible scenarios here. This the logo and the writing on the back of this picture might be photoshopped, or perhaps this car is real, but only a prototype of some sorts. Lei Jun was rather clear when he said that the company has no intentions of releasing a car in the next 3 to 5 years, so don’t hold your breath for that.

This Chinese company certainly does have big plans for the future, but don’t expect this car to become a reality anytime soon. This is a bit far-fetched even for Xiaomi at this point, and the company’s CEO did confirm that the company isn’t going to announce anything of the sort anytime soon. You can expect them to release something like this in the future though, Xiaomi is full of ideas it seems, and you can expect to see a lot of interesting projects coming from the Xiaomi camp in the future. That being said, would you like to see Xiaomi release something like this in the future?