Xiaomi CEO: Next-Gen Redmi Device Will Feature Extremely Thin Bezels

March 9, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Xiaomi managed to sell 61 million handsets last year, which are staggering results for the company. This China-based smartphone manufacturer intends to improve upon last year’s results in 2015 though. They have a lot of plans for this year and have already launched a bunch of devices this year, Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro are the company’s newest flagship, but the company has also launched the Redmi 1S’ successor, the Redmi 2. This handset is a mid-range offering by the company, but a very capable mid-ranger. This handset is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 64-bit quad-core chip and is available in two versions, the 8GB of internal storage + 1GB of RAM variants, or the 16GB of internal storage + 16GB of RAM model. The availability is limited though, as is with most of Xiaomi’s devices. This company sells their devices officially only in parts of Asia, though you can get it via resellers elsewhere.

That being said, company’s CEO, Lei Jun, posted some information about the next-gen Redmi handset. Lei Jun said that the next-gen Redmi will sport the same size display as the current version, but will come sporting significantly smaller / slimmer bezels. The company is working on improving the design of their upcoming smartphones, and trimming down the bezels is definitely a part of that procedure it seems. The Redmi 2 handset launched back in January, so we don’t expect the Redmi 3 to launch for a long time, but it is possible that Mr. Jun didn’t refer to the Redmi 3, but the Redmi Note 2 which might arrive quite soon actually. Anyhow, the company will definitely launch more smartphones this year, not only is the Redmi Note 2 expected to launch, but the company’s Mi5 flagship is also due to arrive in the next couple of months.

We’ve seen a lot of leaks regarding the Xiaomi Mi5, and the device will sports thinner bezels as well (compared to its predecessor), it remains to be seen how thin those bezels will be though. The Xiaomi Mi 4 was announced back in July 2014, so its successor is due to arrive mid-2015. Do you think that the Mi 5 will sport extremely thin bezels, and will the device resemble the Mi 4 or do you expect Xiaomi to mix it up a bit?