Witti Design Introduces Dotti And Notti Smart Lights For Displaying Notifications


Smart accessories for mobile devices are becoming more and more commonplace in today's world, especially this year with all of the things that were shown off at CES back in January. Typically the kinds of smart accessories people think of might be a wireless speaker you can connect your phone to, allowing you the capability to play your music through it. Think of the Motorola Stream for example, that lets users turn any regular old speaker into a wireless speaker to stream their music. It has NFC capabilities for easy pairing, and pretty lights to keep the party going in sync with your tunes.

A new set of smart accessories from Witti Design, called Dotti and Notti, aim to bring a totally different level of functionality to your smartphone. They don't allow you to stream music to regular speakers, they don't play music themselves. Essentially Dotti and Notti are both smart lights that sync with your phone or tablet's notifications. Just like the LED indicator on your device, but considerably more customizable. You can link both of them with your phone or tablet and configure a set of colors to correspond with different notifications, and then Dotti and Notti will blink in any number of ways to notify you that you have an incoming call or text, email etc. You can even have them provide mood lighting, blink when your alarms go off in the morning, and have it pulse to the beat of streaming music that's playing.

On top of the functionality, both Dotti and Notti are designed to fit right in with other home decor, inspired by pixelated and polygonal art to create a truly unique piece of decor inside the home. Notti is a polygonal shaped light that blinks in a wide array of configurable colors, all set up through the companion app, and Dotti is a more minimalist and simple design as its basically a box with the lights on the front in a pixelated design. The cool thing about Dotti is that when notifications come in, the lights blink and light up in the display of the corresponding app icon for that particular notification. You can even customize and create your own icons and animations to blink any time you wish by using the companion app. Both Dotti and Notti connect to mobile devices through Bluetooth, and carry an internal battery so recharging is easy, and Witti states that either device will have a battery life of about 5 hours before needing a recharge. As for cost, Notti is $59.99 and Dotti is $79.99, and can be picked up from the Witti Design website.

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