WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature And Friend Invites Once Again Activated


For those of you who have been waiting for the WhatsApp voice calling feature to rollout, it looks like you are in for some happy news albeit with one significant caveat. This is one of the more anticipated features of WhatsApp, and many have been waiting for its release. The feature has been in beta testing with limited invite times, however now, it looks like it is finally ready for the main stage, even though WhatsApp is being tight-lipped on the subject and has not officially announced the release of this new feature for open use. This was offered before, however, the invites to this new feature only lasted a very short time. It would appear that this feature has now been turned back on and may be on for a while.

In order to activate this feature, you will have to update to the latest version of the application from the Google Play Store or you can download the app from WhatsApp via their website. Once you have the WhatsApp application updated you will either need to wait for someone who has the voice calling feature to place a call to you. Once someone has done this, you can close out the app and then restart it. The new voice call option should appear with the chats and contacts tabs.


This new call tab will display the incoming and outgoing calls as well as show any calls that you have missed. It will of course also provide a date and time stamp for each of these. To make a call to a person, simply click on the person in your contacts or from your previous text chats. If you select the contact from a person in your contacts list you will see the usual profile picture message and profile options as well as the option to call the person via WhatsApp. Clicking the phone icon will allow you to make a call using WhatsApp as your method for voice calls. As of yet, it does not appear as if you can use the app to make a normal call via your mobile provider so this may not be a good choice to contact a person if you are in a low data area.

This has been a feature that many WhatsApp users have been waiting for. If you are lucky enough to have this feature activated, do your friends a favor and give them a call to spread the invite love. Keep in mind that while this feature will save you from using your carrier's minutes, it will instead use data. So if you are on a limited cell phone plan you might want to keep an eye on your data usage. We should also point out there were rumors earlier that there was an invite going around via text message that would reportedly allow you to activate the voice calling features. This has been reported by some as malware and should probably be avoided. For now the only safe way to activate this feature is to have someone call you that already has this feature. Hopefully, we will see this feature turned on for everyone in the near future. This could mean that the gang at WhatsApp are making their final preparations, so look for this feature to be offered in an official capacity in the near future.

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