What T-Mobile’s New Business Plan Can Mean For Your Family Plan

March 19, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Yesterday saw the latest installment from T-Mobile in their Uncarrier moments and announcements. The crux of the whole event was what T-Mobile could do for businesses going forward. This culminated in the announcement that businesses could benefit from a flat fee for lines. That is a straight fee, per line. In short, if you have up to 20 lines then you can pay the flat amount per month of $16. Go above 20 lines and you are looking at $15 per month, per line. So, no complicated additional line fees or access costs. One fee, per line. Not to mention each line comes with unlimited talk and text and 1GB data.

Now, T-Mobile was not just looking to secure the business of businesses, but instead had a trick up its sleeve for families too. For clarity, here is a quick explanation of what the deal essentially means. The short of it is you can use your employer’s line as your main line (similar to what you have in the Simple Choice Plan for families). As long as the first registered line is associated with a business, then family members can add their lines to the existing first line and benefit from a greater level of discount.

If you have the Simple Choice Family Plan, then the cost of your first line is usually $50. As the business is adopting the stance of the ‘primary connected line’, the actual cost of your first family line is only $30 (which would be the second line cost on the Simple Choice Family Plan). The same goes for your second family line. As long as the business is the first connected line, and you have one family member acting as the second line, then your second family line will cost you $10 a month (which is the equivalent to a third line on the Simple Choice Family Plan). And so it goes on. Of course, prices will actually differ depending on what type of data you have for the additional family lines. For example, the prices above are all based on a 1GB data plan. If moving up to 3GB data, then the prices will go up to $40 and $20, for the first and second family lines, respectively. Likewise, 5GB will be $50 and $30 while unlimited data will be $60 and $40. Not to mention, you can mix and match the data plans too (over the two family lines). Either way and regardless of which data limit you opt for, you can be sure it will come in cheaper than the normal plan costs. If you are interested, then remember, the first line does need to be registered to a business and the deal is open to both new and existing customers.

T-mobile business family plan