Verizon's Nexus 6 Launch Date Confirmed As March 12th By Verizon Rep Online


The Nexus 6 launching was one of the standout points of last year in the android world. Not only was this a new Nexus device, but it was one which came with a big screen not to mention what was largely thought of as a large and non-Nexus like price. That said, it was also one of the first devices you could get android's new operating system, android 5.0 (Lollipop) running out of the box. So, all in all, was a bit of a sought after device.

With all that in mind, it was still a bit surprising as to how quickly the Nexus 6 sold out when it first became available with most potential buyers noting it was unavailable before it even became available. Or at least within a second or two of that happening. Well, that was all then. Fast forward to now and the Nexus 6 is pretty much available for those who want one. That is, as long as you are not on Verizon. For those customers, in spite of numerous and consistent reports that the device is about to launch, it never has.


In fact, it was only a few days ago when we heard the last reports that marketing material had been spotted turning up at a Verizon store. This fuelled more speculation that the device was about to launch. Well, if you are a Verizon customer and waiting on the Nexus 6 to arrive on your network, then you are not alone. In fact, it was one of these customers who seems to be able to offer new confirmation of the launch date. The customer in question spoke with a Verizon rep via the website who confirmed to them in an online chat, that the Nexus 6 will launch on Verizon online on March 12th. Following on from this, the rep also confirms that the Nexus 6 will be available to buy in-store from one week later, March 19th. You can see the brief highlights of their online conversation in the image below. So there you go. If the rep is to be believed, The Nexus 6 is launching online March 12th. Either way, with only a few days until that date, we won't have long to find out

Nexus6 Verizon rep

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