Verizon Introduces Flexible Business Plans Incorporating Unlimited Minutes And Shared Data


Verizon Wireless have polished their business cell 'phone plans for March with the launch of the new Flexible Business Plans. These new plans allow business customers the ability to add as many lines as they need for their business plus customizing the data allowance from each line, all from a shared data pool. All Flexible Business Plans offer unlimited domestic voice and text messaging, plus unlimited international messaging services. Customers can also use mobile hotspots bundled with their tariff and corporate email is supported through Good, Exchange ActiveSync and Lotus Notes. Verizon have aimed to simplify the business decision by giving customers a series of straightforward choices: pick the devices to add to the account, then the smartphone or data plan to add. Smartphone prices start at $65 a month and data devices (typically, tablets) start at $10 per line. There are a number of optional extras that may be added to the core tariff, such as Push to Talk+ and international travel options.

Verizon's website gives some information and example pricing. A small business customer with five smartphones pays $325 a month for a bundle of 10 GB plus unlimited calls, messages. The 10 GB allowance is shared within these five devices – one device could use 9 GB of data and the other four could use 250 MB and be within the allowance. Verizon are keen to impart that these plans are flexible and may be changed at any time as their business needs evolve and change, which is an important point for any small business owner to consider.


Verizon Wireless are one of the bigger players for the business cellular 'phone market in the US, largely because of their strong coverage across much of the country. The market has been broadly split between Verizon and AT&T but we've seen that T-Mobile US are planning something of an Uncarrier attack on the sector. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out and how Verizon's new, flexible offering will change things. Business customers do consider pricing as it is important, but quality of service and coverage is more important. After all, no coverage might result in a lost sale or contract, which could wipe out any savings through going with a carrier that offers poorer signal.

Do you have a business and do you use Verizon? If so, what do you think to Verizon's new offerings? Let us know in the comments below.

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