Why Users Shouldn't Take ROM Creators Hard Work For Granted

The great thing about Android is the compete open ended customization that it has. There are loads of things that a user can do to personalize and customize their devices from head to toe, from wallpapers to complete re-skins of the UI. Most of this is made possible by custom ROM's, which for the uninitiated are custom pieces of firmware hacked together with all kinds of new features and added functionality based off of the stock Android operating system. ROM's can be great. Sometimes they need a little work. The cool thing is that most developers are creating these custom pieces of gold for users to throw on their hardware without asking for any cost in return, and they come back to fix things as best they can in a timely manner when needed. They're doing things for the community.

It should come as no surprise then that when users in the community tend to take things for granted and feel entitled to have releases faster without any respect for the time it takes to complete this work, that a ROM creator might lose their cool and tell users like it is. The fact of the matter is that ROM development takes time, in some cases it can take a lot of time, which in the cases of many ROM developers or people that are part of ROM development team, comes out of the their own free time that they could be devoting to something else in their own life which may be quite important. Nothing is free in this world, but for time spent to help kill bug errors for a community of ROM users without asking for a cost, gratitude should at least be provided. Time isn't the only factor though.

The data and files for ROM's, especially a large ROM with lots of users and supported devices need a place to be stored, and servers don't come cheap. Som developers even spend their own money to manage these servers just so they have a place to keep everything they need to work on cool, custom software to bring us. Carrying on an attitude like something is owed by a ROM creator is uncool, and it's entirely disrespectful. Furthering that disrespect by making rude comments only makes things worse, and in the end it might only cause someone to stop caring about the requests for fixes entirely. It's unfortunate, because there are many that are likely in the community who are appreciative and genuinely grateful for the work that ROM developers put in, only to have it be spoiled by a handful of entitled, disrespectful individuals who care about nothing but themselves. The idea is, if we want to continue to get support for the custom work on Android software and ROMs that we love, there needs to be a level of respect given to the people making things happen and bringing all these awesome experiences to the platform.

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