UniKey Becomes Part of Samsung KNOX in the Galaxy S6; For Secure Door Unlocking

Samsung Knox AH 1


Samsung’s security suite, KNOX has come on a long way since it was launched alongside the Galaxy S4. In their latest flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, KNOX has become more advanced, and more secure than ever before. Or at least, that’s what Samsung is telling us. Samsung has partnered with a number of people for their latest version of KNOX, and one of the more interesting partnerships is with UniKey, a company that produces an app for the Kwikset Kevo remote lock. In a nutshell, the UniKey’s Touch-to-Open technology is being included in Samsung KNOX, making it more secure than ever to unlock your home or business using the Kwikset Kevo lock.

Talking about the partnership, Phil Dumas, Founder and CEO of UniKey said that by working “with Samsung, UniKey is making it even more convenient for businesses to manage secure access to any door, gate or badge access point and giving consumers the most convenient and secure way to manage access to their home.” UniKey is a company that licenses this sort of technology to partners all over the globe and as the UniKey technology is embedded into Samsung KNOX on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, it’s even more secure using UniKey.

UniKey’s apps are available to download from the Play Store starting today and will be available in the Samsung Apps Store shortly. The company has also recently teamed up with Nest as well, giving you more flexibility when investing in a Kwikset Kevo or Nest Learning Thermostat. While not a product for everyone, having UniKey built into Samsung KNOX will make it easier for businesses to protect their buildings when handing out Galaxy S6 devices as business-approved smartphones. This sort of thing is just starting to take off, but getting into one of the biggest devices of 2015 is a big win for any name in the smart lock game, and we’re sure UniKey is very happy about this partnership. As for Samsung, the more partners they have; the merrier!