Unboxing the Braven LUX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

March 25, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes and often perform many different functions outside of just being a plain old speaker.  Some differentiate themselves buy providing more features than others out there, some are super durable and can withstand the elements no matter what, while others are just content with looking good on a shelf.  We saw a bunch of Braven’s newest products at CES 2015 back in January like the Braven Balance and the bike-ready Braven BRV-PRO.  Braven’s latest Bluetooth speaker, LUX, packs plenty of features, a bit of durability and looks good while doing all of this too.  Braven is gearing this toward a more specific audience than their other Bluetooth speakers though, the audience that prefers a more feminine appeal to their devices.  Braven’s design is unique in that it’s definitely got that glamor look to it and features colors that fit in with that design.  We’ll have a full review of this speaker in the coming days but in the meantime check out our unboxing video below to see it in action!