Top Ways To Make Money With Your New Android App

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Some developers make apps in their free time because they enjoy it. Some make them to bring in some extra money. Well even if you’re making apps because you enjoy doing so, you can still make some extra cash. And there are a ton of ways to do so. Which we are outlining here today.

Paid Apps

Paid apps are still the number one way to make some extra cash. A lot of apps are going for about $0.99 or $1.99. Which isn’t a lot, but when you think about it, if you have 100,000 users downloading that app, your app has just made between 99,000 and 199,000. Not bad for one app. Nevermind, if you make it in the millions. While Google does take a cut of that, it’s still a decent amount of money.

Paid App Reviews

Ever heard the saying “it takes money to make money”? Well it’s completely true. Some sites do paid app reviews – and that is to weed out some of the apps, since there are so many on the store, some sites can’t review them all. Here at Android Headlines we do offer paid app reviews. And our customers have been extremely pleased with the results after we’ve reviewed their apps for our readers to read and check out.


Many people hate advertising. But this is how a lot of people make their money these days. Just about every site out there makes money from Ads, and even YouTubers. So ads are important and placing them correctly in your app can drastically increase the flow of income coming into your pockets. It’s important to place ads where they won’t compromise the user experience though, which is sometimes a tricky task. It’s also a good idea to add a ad-free version of the app that’s paid. That way those that don’t want to see the ads can still use the app.

Mobile Ad Networks

This coincides with the advertising tip above. There are a bunch of mobile ad networks you can work with to get advertising in your app. One of the more popular ones is AdMob because Google owns it, and also works with Adsense. But there are a ton of others that are around that you can look into. Like AppSpot, Madvertise, MadFox and a bunch of others. These mobile ad networks are great because they work on making mobile-optimized ads. Which is important as you don’t want a huge 300×250 ad on an app.

In-App Purchases

This is a good way to make some extra cash and keep the cash flowing as well. By adding in-app purchases for certain features. However, you want to be sure you are not going overboard with the in-app purchases. Some games make it impossible not to spend an arm and a leg on IAP. But having in-app purchases means current users will still be spending money in your app.


This might be a little tricky, but try and look for some sponsors. You can have “Sponsored by Wendys” in the top part of your app and it’ll be out of the way, but you still fulfill your obligation to the sponsor. And it looks a bit better, to the user at least, then having ads throughout the app.


This doesn’t necessarily get you more money, but it gets you more exposure, which means more users. Posting your app or game on forum sites is a good way to get your app out there. Sites like XDA are really good for promoting your app. As they have a lot of Android users who are always looking for a new app to check out. It’s also a great place to do beta testing before putting your app in the Play Store.