Top Android Homescreen March 20th Edition: Socialblue

March 20, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s Friday and that means two things. It’s now just about time for the weekend to hit, and we have a new homescreen setup for you all to check out. This week’s pick was found on mycolorscreen just like all of our picks, and for today what we have for you is called Socialblue by a creator named betinho. All the homescreen setups will require you to have a few apps installed to recreate the look and design of this theme, and we’ll go over what you need to download as well as the basics for how to set it up.

First you’ll need a third-party home launcher installed. The one used in this theme is Nova Launcher Prime, which is what we recommend for this setup. You’ll also need Zooper Widgets Pro to apply the widget files to the homescreen, media utilities so you can configure the music widget to display album art and song controls, and lastly you’ll need popup widget. That rounds out the apps you need to recreate the look, but you also need the widget files themselves before you can apply them to the homescreen, and you can grab those here.

As far as the settings go, it should only take a few simple steps. Once you have Nova Launcher Prime installed head into the Nova Launcher settings and modify your homescreen grid to 10 x 8, that will be the size of the widgets. After you have the grid set, make sure to hide the status bar and the dock, and for popup widget settings make sure the size is set to 4 x 1. To configure media utilities, all you should have to do is enter into the media utilities application, navigate to settings, select Zooper widget, and then options for cover art, sound progress, and then hit done. That’s it for this tutorial on the homescreen setup, and as always have a great weekend and happy theming!!