Top 5 Ways to Market your Android App

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You’ve built a sweet app. One that you think everyone would love and use daily. Yet you have no downloads. What’s up with that? Well, there’s this thing called ‘marketing’. If you build an app and send it to the Play Store, most likely no one will see it. Especially since Google Play already has a ton of apps available in the Play Store, in fact, their closing in on a million apps. So how do you market your Android app and get users to download your new app? We’re going to give you a few ways to do that today.

Paid App Reviews

You probably don’t want to shell out any money to get started, but remember it takes money to make money. So it’s worth it to reach out to a few sites for an app review (you can check out our Paid App Review service here). It’ll help get your app out there.

Social Media

This is probably the easiest to start, but hardest to maintain option out there. While you likely already have a social media account, probably on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and possibly even Tumblr. If you only have a handful of followers, that’s not going to work out too well. On Google+, a good way to get your app out there is to troll some of the communities. There is a ton of Android communities, and also ones for different types of apps. Like social media, communication, wallpaper apps, and much more. These communities are pretty large and will definitely help get the word out.

Social Media is also an important avenue for marketing your app as you can directly communicate with your users. Including being able to post updates to the app with changelogs on your social media channels. It’s always great for a developer to be transparent with their users.

Google Play Advertising

Recently, Google Play introduced ads for developers. What this allows is for developers to take out an ad on Google Play. So that when users search for a certain term, that app will pop up at the top. Almost like on Google search. For instance, on Google search, if you search for “Detroit Pistons” you will see an ad at the top for TicketMaster. It works the same way with Google Play. This is a good way to get your app out there, if you have a Twitter app, it’s a good way to get users to find your app. Because if you search “Twitter” on Google Play, you’ll find hardly any Twitter apps.

Keeping Users

This is likely the most daunting task for an app developer. You’ve got a bunch of users using your app, but how do you keep them using your app? One way is to encourage them to leave feedback, either on the Play Store in reviews or on social media for the developer. Reading feedback is vital to keeping your users. If they see a bug, they are going to want it fixed, or they’ll move onto another app. Of course, that’s only one way to keep your users using your app. There are plenty of other ways, like adding new features.

Building more Apps

You may have opened an app before, went into settings and seen that the developer lists their other apps in there as well. Which link to the app on the Google Play Store. This is a good way to promote your other work while users are using one of your apps. It’s not in your face, so most users won’t mind, but it still shows them that you’ve done more work.

Buying Ads

This one of the easier ways to get users for your apps, but not the cheapest. You can always go out and buy ads. This is outside of Google Play. Maybe on Google’s homepage, or through Google Adwords, so they’ll show up on millions of sites around the world that use Google Adsense. Ads don’t really help your ranking in Google Play, but if you have an iOS app, it does help you in Apple’s App Store.