Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps and Faces Monthly – March 2015 Edition


Android Wear has grown massively over the last few months, there are now more apps for Android Wear than we'd have ever imagined there would be. Every month, we try our best to bring you a selection, a mix, of the Top 10 Android Wear apps and watch faces. This past month has been a good one for Android Wear apps and there are some great watch faces and apps out there nowadays.

Street Art Watch Face

street wear


For their first Android Wear watch face, Google has chosen to highlight street art from all over the world and from all sorts of different artists. This is a nifty little app, but you'd think Google could have done something more with how time is actually displayed in these images, but it's a nice way of bringing something different to your watch.

Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1 K-9 for Wear


K-9 for Wear is an interesting little app, it's a sort of rebuild of K-9, a popular email app that's been around for some time now. You need to remove K-9 and replace it for this in order to get these notifications on your wrist, but depending on how much you love K-9, this is going to be worth it. A nice example of what developers can do on Android, this is worth taking a look at if you miss K-9 on Android.


Google Play Banner Get it On LargePong for Wear

pong for wear

So you want a little nostalgia and you want it to be truly portable? Pong for Android Wear is what you need. This is a free game that honestly doesn't do much – but then again neither did Pong! A fun to play and easy to enjoy game for your watch, I bet this is something your friend's expensive Apple Watch can't do…

Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1Feel The Wear



Feel the Wear is something for those that still miss messages and notifications, it allows you to control the patterns and types of vibrations for certain apps. This is helpful, because it makes it easy to differentiate between different notifications. For instance, I could easily set three short vibrations for text messages, so I always know when someone is trying to send me a quick message. It's customizable and can make notifications intuitive without even needing to look at my watch.


Timr Face



Timr Face is a simple and easy to use watch face that gives you a readable watch face with a splash of color. It uses a sort of ticker tape for the seconds and it looks good on either round or square watches. It's one of my recent favorites and it looks great on my original G Watch. Worth taking a look at, this is great for Material Design fans.




MoveUp! MultiTimer for Wear


So you need a decent timer on your watch, and Google's own just isn't cutting it? Well, MoveUp! is a great timer app for Android Wear watches and it's worth trying out. I use a timer for making sure my pot of coffee is done properly, as well as making sure I don't spend more than half an hour at lunch. Whatever you need, MoveUp! will time things in style and it blends in with Android Wear's look and feel, too.



Wearspotify for Android Wear


Big Spotify fan? This is a neat little app to use in order to control music from our wrist. Sadly, the phone side of things just isn't good, but this is perfect for those running while listening to music and if you just can't live without Spotify then this is worth taking a look at.



News Blast Wear Watch Face

news blast

Want to inject a little humor into your day? Then News Blast is a good way of doing that right on your wrist. It essentially puts fake news stories on your wrist, and it's a lot of fun if you like OTT news reports. Not recommended for those that are easily led, but News Blast is one of the more unique watch faces I've seen in a while.



If you bought an Android Wear watch for fitness, you might have been disappointed. Google Fit took a long time to arrive and even then it wasn't as featured as the other guys. MuscleWear is an app that can help you track your lifts, your pushups and more from your wrist. It can be a little fiddly, but it's one of the few apps I've seen that cater to those looking for some strength training.


WrisTemp Pro – Works with Nest

writemp pro

WrisTemp Pro is the best way to feel like you're in 'the future'. If controlling the temperature in your house with Nest wasn't enough, then WrisTemp is the next step. You can control your Nest right from your watch, giving you one less thing to take your phone out of your pocket for. It's on sale right now, and is a great app to show off with.


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