Top 10 Android News Stories March 15th – March 21st


This week there seemed to be a lot of news surrounding Android Lollipop, which of course is always big news for users. People love those updates to the software. While not all android devices are treated the same in regards to updates, those that are part of the Nexus lineup tend to get things more quickly, as we saw two more Nexus devices this week get a little closer to Android 5.1 Lollipop. While the Nexus Player recently had factory images of 5.1 Lollipop posted, the AT&T Nexus 6 was reported to be receiving the update over-the-air. Motorola began testing the waters of Android 5.1  as well with the 2014 Moto X Pure Edition through a soak test this weekend, so Nexus devices weren't the only ones to get a taste of 5.1.

In addition to Motorola beginning the Android 5.1 soak test for the 2014 Moto X Pure Edition, they're also reportedly skipping Android 5.0 for the DROID Turbo and moving straight to Android 5.1. Updates may have been some of the biggest news this week, but it wasn't the only big news. HTC's Cher Wang will be taking over as the new CEO, and another luxury watch brand, Tag Heuer, will reportedly be entering into the smartwatch market with their own offering. In the realm of rumors, there was one big rumor this week that was more attention grabbing than any other, that the LG G4 will sport a 5.6-inch display.


Rumor: The LG G4 Will Allegedly Come With A 5.6-Inch Display Size

OnePlus Confirm OxygenOS And CM 12S Lollipop For The OnePlus One Available March 27th And 30th

Motorola: Droid Turbo Skipping 5.0 and going to Android 5.1


Rumor: Tag Heuer Smartwatch Revealed Tomorrow Using Intel And Google Technology

Clarity-Lab Is Creating A New Virtual Assistant With Backing From Google

Cher Wang Named HTC's New CEO, Peter Chou To Head The Company's Product Development Department


Google Release Android 5.1 Factory Image for The Nexus Player

Google May Soon Push Out New Smart Lock Mode Called On-Body Detection

Motorola Sends Out Soak Test of Android 5.1 for the Weekend with Fixes and Features Galore


AT&T Nexus 6 Reported To Have Started Receiving Android 5.1 Lollipop Update

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