From Today, Samsung Gear VR Gets Updated Content Including Paid Apps, Games And Videos


Samsung's big event was yesterday where it announced the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and the new Gear VR that works with both of those phones.  That doesn't mean all the announcements from Samsung are over, far from it in fact.  Today Samsung and Oculus are teaming up once again to deliver new content for owners of the original Gear VR, bringing the amount of content available for the platform up quite a bit.  The new content comes in the form of games, apps, movies and more that are all ready to immerse you in a brand new world of entertainment.

Oculus has been on the forefront of consumer-level virtual reality for some time now, and now we're heading into the fourth generation VR tech from Oculus with their partnership with Samsung.  The new Gear VR uses the Galaxy S6 to deliver a higher quality image straight to your retinas via the Gear VR visor.  On the Gear VR you'll find a marketplace with content made directly for full immersion into virtual reality and that's where the new content from today's announcement will be found.


Today's launch will feature both paid and free content.  Paid content in the form of games and apps will range from $2.99 to $4.99, going hand in hand with what we've come to expect from mobile pricing of both games and apps.  Free content will also be in the form of apps and games, and will include a handful of short 10-minute movies that are designed to immerse you and show off the technology at hand.  Oculus has also created some 3D panoramic images that will undoubtedly be trippy and are also designed to show you the full effect VR can have on entertainment.

Finally Oculus and Samsung will be launching new development initiatives like "VR Jam" that will reward developers for creating superior content by delivering cash prizes and other incentives straight to their doors.  Interested developers can check out the VR Jam site for more information on how to enter and win.  If you've got a Gear VR hit up that Oculus Market and check out all the new content and let us know what you think about it in the comments or on your favorite social network!

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