Tapjoy Launches Platform to Optimize the Lifetime Value of Freemium Apps


Remember the 'good old days' – maybe four years ago – when you either bought an app or it was free?  Fast forward to 2015 and the most popular apps now are called 'freemium,' where the original application is totally free to download, but it is of little value unless you purchase proprietary features, functionality or virtual goods.  It is reminiscent of 'shareware' back in the 1980s, where a 'lite' version of the program was given away, strictly to entice you to purchase the full-service program.

Freemium applications breathed new life into app development – before the freemium concept, the developer had to rely on either the purchase price of the app or small amounts of advertising revenue from free apps.  Neither one of these approaches drives the kind of profits a developer is looking to achieve…and deserves.  Most users seem afraid to spend more than $1.00 for an app – hardly enough sales revenue to encourage new and exciting applications.  Many users will download a free app and then not user it, cutting in to the operating revenue from the advertisers.

This is where Tapjoy can come in to help – today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Tapjoy launched its new Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform.  It is designed to help freemium mobile app publishers maximize the lifetime value for each of their users.  Steve Wadsworth, president and CEO, Tapjoy said, "Freemium app developers understand that the vast majority of their revenue comes from a very small percentage of users.  Tapjoy's Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform helps optimize the revenue from those proven spenders, while also uncovering more spenders and increasing engagement and ad-based monetization from the rest of their audience.  With Tapjoy's Future Value Map, developers can now predict the lifetime value of all of their users, and initiate personalized in-app experiences that maximize the engagement and revenue potential of every user."


According to Tapjoy, their Marketing Automation Platform helps in three key areas: Predictive and Actionable Analytics that enable developers to know, and take action against, the future value of every user.  By making deep segmentation and real-time analytics actionable, developers can serve a nearly infinite variety of marketing actions that drive lifetime value.  Secondly, Marketing Automation tools that instantly deliver contextually relevant messages to engage spenders, or deliver rewarded advertisements to the users that will never spend.  And lastly, Real-time IAP and Ad-based Monetization are now available to developers from a single data set, in one platform.  With Tapjoy, developers no longer need to integrate a variety of single point solutions and can focus on one SDK for all of their analytics, marketing automation and ad-monetization needs.

Based on figures as of December 2014, Tapjoy's SDK is embedded in more than 270,000 apps with a global reach of more than 520 million monthly active users.  With Tapjoy, everybody can feel rewarded – users unlock premium content, developers receive a strong revenue stream and advertisers reach a mobile audience that welcomes their messages.  Users like to interact more frequently with brands that use 'rewarded' advertising.  Tapjoy gives the mobile app developers the tools they need to maximize their revenues.  See their website for more information or stop by the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

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