Tablet Vendors to Expand Into More Specialized Markets to Bolster Sales

The global tablet market has been taking a hit over the last several years from the proliferation of larger and more powerful mobile phones and plummeting tablet prices. According to a Digitimes article, supply vendors are taking a serious look at more specialized markets to make up for dwindling revenue that has in some cases caused companies to close their doors.

At issue is the ever growing phablet market across the globe. As more and more consumers gravitate to these larger phones that have all the same functionality as their larger tablet cousins, sales of tablets have begun to see a noticeable decline. In order to compete, many vendors have resorted to lowering prices. This has meet with some success, however, it is shrinking profit margins for the vendors. This in turn limits the amount of money on hand to reinvest in new and innovative technologies. But vendors may have found a new way to turn a profit and increase their ever-dwindling market share.

Some vendors are looking to the specialized markets such as medical, education, enterprise, and industrial or agriculture. Enterprise and business markets are very lucrative and should provide much-needed revenue. Indeed, many who work in the various business markets have been seeking ways to cut the bulk, become more mobile, and become more productive while away from the office. Many feel that the tablet is perfect for the professional away from the office and this could be a huge cash cow, assuming vendors can produce hardware that can be made secure and works well with enterprise environments. Education would benefit from a tablet boost, as the cost of tablets is somewhat lower in some cases as conventional laptops. Again, tablets are a lot less bulky and are certainly powerful enough for educational applications. As we have reported, medical certainly will benefit from tablets. In a recent article, we reported how Google has made an open-source tablet to help in the fight against Ebola in West Africa, proving that the tablet can benefit a great deal in the medical community. Tablets can also be used to help facilitate better and more effective communication with patients and help treat those who may have difficulty in making it to the office.

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