Study in Canada Shows Android OS Dominates, but Apple is Ahead of Samsung in Smartphone Usage


We love surveys and studies, especially when it comes to Android OS versus iOS and Samsung versus Apple.  A recent survey done by Catalyst and GroupM and another from comScore, helped paint an interesting picture of the mobile landscape in Canada.  Mobile usage is on the rise – Canada estimates that they have over 28 million wireless subscribers, but comScore puts the number at the end of 2014 at 24,318,000, which showed a growth of 5-percent over the year before.

According to the report below, 81-percent of the wireless subscribers in Canada own a smartphone and 18.8-percent own a full-featured phone.  Rogers claims that 84-percent of its subscribers own a smartphone, Bell has 76-percent of its subscribers using a smartphone and TELUS is showing 81-percent.  Carriers want their subscribers using a smartphone because of the high profit data usage.  Of that overall 81-percent of smartphone owners, Apple is coming in at 38.3-percent and Samsung is weighing in at 32.4-percent.  BlackBerry still holds 8.9-percent – down 6.1-percent from a year ago, HTC owns 3.7-percent, LG has 2.7-percent and Nokia holds 2.3-percent.

When it comes to operating systems, Google's Android rules the Canadian landscape with 50.5-percent of the market share and this up from 44-percent just a year ago.  Apple iOS increased 1.3-percent from the year before and comes in at 38.3-percent – of course the same percent as their phone percentage.  All other OSs – BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone – control 11.2-percent of the market.


A few other interesting facts are that Canadians are watching more videos more often on their smartphones and tablets.  Tablet usage has grown 56-percent since June 2013 and Canadians are now using 9.3 million tablets.  Another interesting trend they found is that Canadians like to use the smartphone (32.2-percent) and their tablets (35-percent) while watching TV.

A smartphone now reaches 4 out of every 5 Canadians and there has been a 19-percent increase in smartphone users that access their device every day and a 15-percent increase in those that use their device every week.  It is a 50-50 split on men versus women using smartphones, while the other 50-percent of each gender use a feature phone.  Smartphones are used by 7-percent of the 13-17 year olds, and that jumps to 36-percent in the 18-34 year olds, 37-percent of the 35-54 year olds, and 21-percent of the 55 and older Canadians use smartphones, while 59-percent still use a feature phone.

Canadian comScore Apple vs Samsung

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