Square POS Sales launches App Marketplace in Canada

Square App Hits Canada

Squares’ official website tells us that we can “Take care of your business anywhere with Square.”  Now that Edmonton’s Jobber has partnered up with Square, you can now take care of your Canadian business was well.  This partnership coincides with the launch of the Square’s App Marketplace in Canada and now allows Jobber customers in both the US and Canada to use Square to collect payments in the field or online.  Sam Pillar, CEO and founder of Jobber said, “Jobber’s number one priority is to help pave a path to success for our customers.  We do that in a lot of ways, and an undeniably critical one is getting paid for work.  Square is an established leader in the payments space, with an excellent product and customer experience.  Partnering with Square is a great step for us in continuing to bring our customers closer to their hard earned cash, and we’re really excited about it!”

Square handles all types of businesses such as Food and Beverage, Retail, Beauty Professionals, Professional Services and Home and Repair Services.  Customers can pay you on the spot with their credit card just by swiping it through the portable reader.  The money is transferred instantly into your business account with no interaction from your employee at the job site. If you only bill that particular customer, then Square can send them an email invoice on the spot.  The ‘Register’ is a point-of-sale (POS) app you can download onto your tablet to use it as a POS machine rather than an old fashion and clunky cash register.  You can also order a ‘Reader’ that plugs into your headphone jack on your smartphone and together, with an app that you download, you can swipe a credit card through the reader to conduct business.

Once you have ‘rung up’ your sale, Square also will produce an ‘Invoice’ on screen that the customer can sign with just their finger and then the merchant can email you a copy.  You can also use that invoice for contacting the vendor if there is a problem.  After the sales, Square’s ‘Analytics’ can help the seller analyze their sales with graphs and charts and it integrates with QuickBooks and Xero.  As Square services grow in Canada it can only make it easier for small businesses to conduct business.

Square POS Stand or Reader