Sprint Now Covering All Costs and Fees When You Switch from Your Current Wireless Carrier


Carriers are known for wheeling and dealing in order to get you to switch over to their network.  Like every other business out there growth is supremely important, and there's always a shift in the market to contend with.  Ever since T-Mobile has been pushing more and more aggressive tactics with their Uncarrier program, other wireless carriers in the United States have been following suit.  Sprint is another carrier well known for their epic deals, like the company's Cut Your Bill in Half campaign launched in December, and today they're making another sweet offer for new customers who switch from any other wireless carrier to Sprint.

Switching before a contract ends can incur some substantial fees and costs for customers, but Sprint is pledging to cover all those costs if you switch to their network right now.  This doesn't just mean that Sprint will cover your early termination fees though, a move that has become common ever since T-Mobile started it over a year ago.  It also means that any balance you owe on phones because of increasingly popular installment plans will be paid in full by the yellow and black carrier.  Yes you did read that right, no matter what you owe on that shiny new phone will be paid for by Sprint if you switch to them.  The catch is that you'll have to turn your existing phone into Sprint, which means you'll still have to buy a new phone when you switch to them.


On top of this it looks like Sprint will stack their Cut Your Bill in Half campaign on top of this program, meaning you're guaranteed to get a cheaper bill and have all your existing payment burdens removed.  That's an absolutely unbelievable deal and one that strikes us as a company desperate to increase their customer base after possibly losing the crown of America's third largest wireless carrier.  However you slice it this is a pretty substantial deal and one that lets people start over on Sprint's new and fast-growing LTE network if they're not happy with their current carrier.  Check out the Sprint link below to see all the details and exactly what's required to take advantage of the plan, and of course follow suit with the provided instructions if you're interested!

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