Sprint Launches 'Workplace as a Service' for Businesses


Marcelo Claure took over Sprint's CEO position in August 2014, and ever since then he's been working to turn the company around from the hard times it has fallen on over the past few years.  Sprint's problems have been years in the making, stemming from the decision to go with WiMAX over LTE for 4G technology and other issues with their network rollout.  While Sprint has been improving their network by adding LTE and strengthening the back-end they've still got plenty of room to grow.  Sprint has never shied away from offering good deals though, from being the first carrier to really advertise unlimited data at a reasonable price point to offering family plans for better rates than competitors at various times in the company's history.

Sprint has been focusing quite a bit on the consumer segment lately, trying to win customers back with ways like covering all your early termination fees and even the balance of your phone.  In addition to that they're working on keeping current customers by trying to provide valuable deals for customers looking to upgrade their phones and get a tablet too, all for $100 including unlimited data, text and voice.  Now Sprint is showing their corporate side by focusing mainly on small and medium-sized businesses with their new 'Workplace as a Service' business package.  In a nutshell Sprint is looking to cater to businesses by providing all the network services they could need for a great price.


For $200 per worker, per month, businesses who enroll in the Workplace as a Service plan will have their company's entire network needs, covered.  That means Sprint will run all your calling, data service, corporate Wi-Fi and even provide ways to manage mobile devices that have access to the network.  This also covers collaborations and messaging services that help with the daily needs of your company.  Sprint already offers all of these services as standalone units, but this bundle puts them all together for significant savings and takes the headache out of keeping dedicated IT staff in house for these needs.  Sprint is making wireless coverage optional here while the rest of the package is mandatory upon enrollment, and the prices for that service are just as budget friendly.  At $40 per month, per employee, you'll receive unlimited voice, data and texting, and tablet plans start at a measly $5 per month for 5GB of data.  Those interested can check out the Sprint source link below for all relevant information.

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