Sprint Confirms HTC One M9 Will Be Available From Tomorrow And Offered As A Sprint Lease Option

March 26, 2015 - Written By John Anon

It has been a big day in terms of pre-order news. Both Samsung and HTC have announced that both their flagship offerings, the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and Galaxy S6 Edge) and the HTC One M9 will be available to order from tomorrow. Since the news broke from both camps, there have been a number of carrier announcements following suit, with each carrier making clear their availability and pricing.

In terms of the HTC One M9, AT&T have already made their announcement confirming availability from tomorrow. Likewise, T-Mobile have also confirmed that they will be stocking the One M9 and ready to purchase online from tomorrow. Well, next in line to make their intentions clear are Sprint, who have also now confirmed the details of their HTC One M9 availability and pricing. Like AT&T and T-Mobile, Sprint will also have the One M9 available from March 27th (tomorrow). In terms of pricing, Sprint have announced that the One M9 will be available via Sprint Lease for $0 down. For those new to Sprint Leasing, this option offers users the ability to lease the phone over two years with zero down at the point of purchase. At the end of the agreed contract and providing nothing is owed on the plan then customers can either purchase the leased device, continue to lease but on a monthly basis or return the device and cancel their subscription altogether. In terms of the One M9, this means the device can be purchased over the lease plan for $20 a month, on top of your price plan. Sprint have also announced that for an additional $10 more per month, customers can change their two-year contract to a one year leasing contract, which will result in the option to upgrade to a new phone after only one year.

As an extra incentive to buy the HTC One M9 through Sprint, the carrier is also offering potential customers the option to buy a Harman Kardon One wireless Bluetooth speaker for $99.99. That works out to be a $50 saving off of the full retail value of the speaker. For other carrier avaiability and pricing you can check out our running post on the topic.