Sponsored Game Review: Rock vs Guitar Legends 2015


Rock vs Guitar Legends 2015 is an Android app that essentially recreates the fun of Guitar Hero and Rock Band but on your smartphone or tablet. There are 27 different rock songs to play along with, all of them licensed under the creative commons, and there's some stunning 3D graphics along with many different effects like particles and such to look at as you play. It's a game that fans of the oldschool Guitar Hero games will love, and it's available to play for free with in-app purchases giving you even more songs to play whenever you want them. Let's take a closer look, shall we?


To start hitting some cool notes of your own, you just need to download Rock vs Guitar Legends 2015 from the Play Store for free, and you can go ahead and get started.

2015-03-16 18.34.51

From there, you can go ahead and choose which song you want to play.


2015-03-16 18.35.22

You're given a quick look at the upcoming notes and then it's down to business!

2015-03-16 18.35.44


Now, I actually still play Guitar Hero every now and then on the Xbox – the Metallica edition, of course – and it does take a little getting used to here in Rock vs Guitar Legends 2015, but it's worth it.

2015-03-16 18.37.44

At the end of your song, you're given a look at how well you've been able to rock out, with a simple score to understand.


2015-03-16 18.38.19

You can compare your score with others from all over the world thanks to the Google Play Games integration.

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If you want to play through some more songs, all you need to do is to pay a little extra via an in-app purchase, I quite like this approach as each one of these song packs takes away ads and the main game is of course free to download.

2015-03-16 18.41.37

There's no getting around this, Rock vs Guitar Legends 2015 is essentially Guitar Hero for Android and you know what, I'm more than okay with that. I used to love playing that game with friends, yet we've all moved on to better consoles and playing more games on our phones and tablets. That's why I enjoy this so much, it's everything you could want from Guitar Hero in a compact and fun little game. I do think there's room for improvement however, like the ability to play portrait mode on tablets and a general tightening up of assets and such on higher-resolution devices. Still, if you're a fan of rhythm games and you're looking for something to play on Android then this is perhaps your best option available.



  • Speed (4/5) – Rock vs Guitar Legends 2015 runs nice and quickly and I came across very few – if any – issues.
  • Features (4/5) – This might be a Guitar Hero homage, but if that's something you're looking for – like I was – then that will be more than enough for you as this is simple, yet addictive fun.
  • Theme (4/5) – The particle effects are cool, and everything runs fairly smoothly, but higher quality audio and sharper assets for 1080p and above devices would really help.
  • Overall (4/5) – This is an excellent app for those looking for a rhythm based game that's just a lot of fun to play no matter where you are or what time it is.


  • Easy to pick up play whenever and wherever with little fuss.
  • Great piece of nostalgia for those that miss the days of Guitar Hero and Rock Band with friends.
  • Songs all have nice riffs in them and there's a good variety as well.
  • Google Play Games integration brings back some of that arcade fun that people miss from Guitar Hero.


  • Audio quality could be higher, especially for devices with stereo speakers and good quality headphones.
  • Ads can be a little intrusive and I had a couple appear right in the middles of a song.

Overall, Rock vs Guitar Legends 2015 is a game that Guitar Hero fans will absolutely love, and if you've never played something like this before then you'll find a fresh experience that you'll definitely want more of over time. There's something really fun about Rock vs Guitar Legends 2015 and I'll be sharing it with my friends to get back some of that classic Guitar Hero nostalgia. The game is also available on iOS devices as Rock Guitar Legendary Hero.