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Next Business Tycoon is an Android game that puts you in the shoes of a budding entrepreneur looking to start their own business empire. You choose the location of your business and control the direction you take in regards to your commercial offerings. You level up and earn the ability to purchase more business and services. The more money you make, the more successful you'll become, and once you reach a certain level you can secure your empire from hostile takeovers as well as initiate attacks on other businesses online across the globe. It's an interesting concept and a great game for those looking to experience what it's like to run an empire, or just play around with huge sums of money.


To start your own empire, you'll need to download Next Business Tycoon from the Play Store. You'll then be asked to find a spot for your business empire's HQ.

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This was a feature i really liked as it lets you create your empire no matter where you might be in the world. I chose a location near where I live in the UK, but you could fly over to Europe, over to the US or wherever you'd like. There's a helpful secretary, named Jenny that helps you throughout all of your first steps.


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These first steps include naming your new business.

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In Next Buiness Tycoon, everything is based around actions. These actions could be passing time to generate more income or purchasing new businesses or security. Either way, this is explained to you fairly easily when you get started.

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Throughout your journey, you'll be able to purchase new establishments, like Pubs, Coffee Shops that sort of thing.


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These are only small companies that don't generate much income, but when you're able to purchase concessions – which open your empire up to more markets – you can purchase new businesses that bring in a lot more money.

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Doing all of these things requires actions, and at some point you'll run out. You do earn more for every half hour, but it's also a good idea to explore options of getting more actions.

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You can use the world map to explore and take a look at businesses all over the globe.


business world

You can even initiate attacks on other companies to rise to the top.

business attack


In turn though, you need to make sure that your business is properly secure against these incoming attacks as well.

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This is just a taste of what Next Business Tycoon has to offer, and there's so much more than what I've shown above. Over time, you'll be able to produce all sorts of different companies and expand globally. You're able to bet on NBA matches, invest in sports teams, trade commodities like Oil and Salt and spend money on R&D to produce new and exciting products.

I'm not usually a fan of these games that are mostly text-based adventures, but there's something compelling about Next Business Tycoon, right from the go there's a sort of realism attached to the game that makes it exciting. You can choose where to put your business on the real world map and all the products and services are again very real with realistic price tags attached to them. It does however, take some time to get into, but then creating a business empire doesn't happen overnight. There's a lot to do as you level up and the online element of attacks and securing your businesses is a nice, edgy touch. It still won't be a game for those looking for something like an action game with lots of 3D graphics, but if you want something that takes time to perfect and needs working on, then Next Business Tycoon is something you might enjoy.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game itself runs fine, but those that are looking for something a little more instant might not take to this.
  • Features (4/5) – There's a lot on offer here in Next Business Tycoon and while it won;t be for everyone, all the right boxes are ticked and features like attacks and expanding into new markets are fun and interesting.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – Next Business Tycoon is a game all about business, but some extra artwork or even some sound effects and such would help make this a little more exciting.
  • Overall (4/5) – While not something for everyone, Next Business Tycoon is something that will appeal to those interested in business, a role-playing game as well as a project that evolves steadily over time.


  • Easy to get to grips with quickly.
  • World map feature lets you place your empire wherever you want in the world.
  • Prices and markets you enter are all based in reality, making the game believable.
  • Attack feature is a fun way of introducing an online element to the game and makes you feel like a badass corporate giant.


  • More artwork and some sound effects would make the game more exciting.
  • Better use of extra space on tablets could help to make this a better game overall.

Next Business Tycoon is not the sort of game that just anyone is going to be happy playing, as it's something that takes more consideration than your average Android title, and in many ways that's a good thing. For those interested in business or fans of Monopoly Next Business Tycoon makes an excellent game to develop something to be proud of over time. The fact that the location of businesses as well s the prices are all realistic helps, too and it's worth trying out if you like this sort of thing.


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