Sponsored Game Review: Age of Thrones


Age of Thrones is a tower defense game that puts you in charge of defeating evil forces in order to save the Kingdom. To do this, you must complete 18 unique levels across different environments. You'll tackle Orcs, Dragons and more in any way you want, by creating a maze to funnel and slow down enemies or just through sheer force. There are 20 different enemies as well as 4 different towers with multiple upgrades and 4 Hero spells you can use to aim at more difficult enemies. Nexrage's Age of Thrones is a game that features 100% authentic narration and unlike your typical tower defense game there's a compelling story to complete here. Let's take a closer look, shall we.


To start playing the game for yourself, you'll need to download Age of Thrones from the Play Store. Then you're ready to go.

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What I found interesting about Age of Thrones is that you're sort of thrust into an interactive tutorial, when you play along while learning which different towers do what.


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This first level is sort of a preview level, and serves to give you some help on where to put towers and that sort of thing.

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This first level also introduces you to the speed setting, you can see I have the fast-forward button highlighted here, which essentially makes things run at double the speed, something I really quite liked. Then there's also the heads-up on different towers and why they might good to form a certain strategy with.

2015-03-16 14.31.01

You can also upgrade your towers as well, which is a nice touch however, this isn't made immediately clear at first.


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Once you've finished this first preview level, you'll be shown a neat little intro movie, with a very well done narration overhead as well.

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This narration continues as you move into the level view, where you go from area-to-area in order to clear out enemies.

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Things start off fairly slowly when you play through the main story and each level has a good level of waves to go through, too.


2015-03-16 14.38.27

Over time, you'll learn ways to funnel opponents differently. I'm not especially good at tower defense games, but it became apparent to me fairly early on that you could easily control the direction of enemies and therefore make it easier to stop them dealing you damage.

2015-03-16 14.41.51


Don't forget that there's a decent variety of weapons and such to experiment with as you head from level-to-level.


Age of Thrones is a pretty simple tower defense game in that you prepare the battlefield and repel wave after wave of enemies, however the way the enemies react to being funnelled in certain directions changes things somewhat. It's a lot more fun than your standard tower defense affair, but other than that there isn't much different here. The game has been put together with a good atmosphere however, and nothing feels pointless, by that I mean there's a sense of purpose when you complete each level. For those looking for another tower defense game that allows things to be sped up, this is a great option, especially if you want a little story to go with it. However, if you're not too into these sorts of games, then there's not much different to other tower defense games.


  • Speed (4/5) – Age of Thrones ran fine on my phone, and the pacing of the game is adjustable thanks to the speed setting in-game.
  • Features (4/5) – Taken on its own, Age of Thrones is good fun, however compared to other tower defense games the atmosphere is the only thing that sets it apart.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – The narration here is excellent, however the enemy models and towers themselves could do with some added detail to help them stand out.
  • Overall (4/5) – The narration here is excellent, and the inclusion of different environments is nice as well. For tower defense veterans the double speed setting will be a nice addition and the game is a lot of fun for the most part.


  • Simple selection of towers makes their positioning more important, a nice change from similar titles.
  • Sending waves of enemies in different directions actually has an effect on how easy it is to overcome the wave overall.
  • Voice narration sounds brilliant and really helps to add some atmosphere to the overall game.
  • No longwinded tutorial to endure, a very nice touch for new players.


  • After a while it does feel like many other tower defense games.
  • More towers would be nice for tower defense veterans.

All-in-all, Age of Thrones is a decent tower defense game, but that's where it's main weakness is. There are so many tower defense games out there, that there's arguably too much choice in the Play Store. Having said that, Age of Thrones is one of the few titles I'd recommend to those new to tower defense games. There's no longwinded tutorial which are boring as sin, and there's not too many towers to choose from, making this an easy game to get stuck into. I had fun with the game, and the narration is excellent here. If you're looking for a tower defense game that doesn't take the genre too seriously and bogs you down with too many choices and too much strategy, Age of Thrones is a refreshing choice.