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PartyLink is an application that is geared towards anyone who wants to make sure they never miss an exciting night out with friends. It connects users with the local party, acting as a social hub for any PartyLink users in the same area. You can connect up with other PartyLink users and find out where the party is at and even use the app to make plans for the evening. The app is aimed at getting you to the party, so you can meet friends and other new people to have fun.

To get started, you'll first want to head to the Play Store and download PartyLink and install it on your smartphone. This is a U.S. based app only so it won't work outside of the U.S.

PartyLink first requires users to sign in or create an account to use the application. Some users may not like this, but this is a social app so it needs to connect you with other users one way or another. You can sign in or create an account using either Facebook or with your email, although the app states Facebook is the preferred choice.

Once logged in, PartyLink lets you stay on top of events happening in your area, and you can tap on the monthly events button to access a list of past events and current events going on. Instead of opening up a new page inside of the app to list events information, the app directs you out to the company's webpage where the events are listed.

Connecting to social media accounts allows PartyLink to give you the capability to share events with friends and invite them to the party. Although you can also send out invites via SMS too, as the app gave me this option, however Facebook might allow you to invite people who are on your friends list but may not be a contact in your phone's address book.

PartyLink also alerts you to times when three or more of your friends(who also use PartyLink)are in the same area. When this happens the app will notify you so you can be a part of the fun and meet up with your friends.

PartyLink also integrates a way for you to discover new local music when you hear something at an event or a show where you weren't able to grab an artists name. If you just want to listen to some music, you can click on the music button which will open up a list of music from different genres appropriate for the party scene, like hip hop, rock and more.

If you're looking to find out exactly what's happening tonight in your local area PartyLink provides a menu for events of that particular evening, although local events are only announced after 3PM so there is no way to know what the local event is for any given night until that time. The app uses GPS to find your location and feed you the local event of the night based on that data. PartyLink also participates in local specials, and they have specials of their own that they pass on to users, by choosing a handful of randomly selected users and giving them a few $1 drink pass. PartyLink does this nightly.

For me personally, I usually directly message friends or set up event through either Facebook or Google + to invite people to a gathering, party, or event. PartyLink though can be a great way to discover local nightly events if you're unsure of what's happening in your local scene, and it seems like an easy way to keep event invites organized as you can send out invites through Facebook if you log in, or through SMS if you prefer to keep your Facebook account disconnected from PartyLink. The music discovery portion of the app could be great for users as well and it adds an easy way to find out the names of artists at local events. Overall, PartyLink seems like a useful app for those who want to stay in touch with the local party scene, and could be great for larger cities where there is always tons of stuff going on.


  • Speed (4/5) - The app opens up fairly quickly and pages don't take noticeably long to load, so using it can be an enjoyable experience.
  • Features (3.5/5) - The included features make it easy to discover nightly local events and new music, while also connecting people to the party scene with friends and new people alike.
  • Theme (3.5/5) - The UI of the application isn't overly aggressive, which makes it easy to view and the navigation through the app is good. The style might feel just a little bit bland to some users, but the theme fits the overall idea of the app.
  • Overall (4/5) - Overall, PartyLink can be great for users who want to connect with friends(both old and new) and stay connected to the local party scene. The music discovery and local specials are a nice touch as well.


  • Local nightly specials gives some incentive to users.
  • Using the app was easy and nothing felt cluttered.
  • GPS tracking allows the app to find local events happening in your area.
  • Alerts when three or more friends are in the area at the same place is a cool feature users will like


  • Some users may not like the Facebook integration.
  • Event listings only after 3PM might make it harder for some users to plan the evening.

If users are looking for a way to connect with the local party scene and look for events happening that night or throughout the month, PartyLink allows that. Although the option is there to use your email and SMS to login to the account and send out event invites, the option for Facebook integration can potentially make it easier to invite more people. The music discovery is also a nice touch to known what local artists are playing at the events attended.

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